BCM Cloning

(£100.00 excluding VAT)

Has your Vauxhall/Opel suffered a body control module failure? Post us your BCM and we will clone it for you!

Category: BCM Cloning

Unlike other sellers on eBay etc, we can program any similar design BCM even if the part number doesn't match your original. Most eBay services only clone the VIN and immobiliser data, meaning your BCM won't have the correct calibrations for the vehicle.

We program the replacement BCM with the latest GM calibrations, meaning if there has been any software changes since your car left the factory, these will be applied on your new BCM.

Please get in touch with us for this service.

Is this service available via post?

Yes, you can post the BCM to us at no additional cost. If you wish to bring the vehicle for it to be swapped over we can also do this free of charge.

Do I need to supply the second BCM?

Yes, or if you would prefer we supply it, just ask.

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